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This is a NutCola's Graphic Journal. Making graphics is a hobby I enjoy so I started a graphic journal. But now my sister, orange_ninjas and I created a graphic community. That's where I post all my graphics and I just post the previews here in my journal. So feel free to watch our community. But also feel free to add me. Hope you like and enjoy my graphics!

Fandoms I Create
Andrew Garfield
Chris Pine
Conan O'Brien
David Tennant
Ian Somerhalder
Jennifer Garner
Joel Mchale
Kristen Bell
Milo Ventimiglia
Neil Patrick Harris
Seth Meyers
Yvonne Strahovski
Zachary Levi
Zachary Quinto
Dr.Horrible's Sing Along Blog
How I Met Your Mother
Pushing Daisies
The Big Bang Theory
The Soup

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